DCLT Mission Statement:  
The Dodge County Land Trust 
permanently protects the lands and 
waters that define our communities 
and enrich our quality of life.

The Dodge County Land Trust accomplishes its mission by establishing and monitoring permanent land conservation easements that come to the trust by either a donation of land and conservation easements, or by the purchase of land and conservation easements.

Conservation easements are legal agreements by which landowners voluntarily limit the development potential and use of their land.  The land remains in existing ownership but the easement "runs with the title" insuring that the protections remain in place regardless of who may own the land in the future.

The Dodge County Land Trust is a private, nonprofit, 
501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that promotes and utilizes a variety of tools to help citizens and communities accomplish their land protection objectives by preserving:

-open spaces and farmland
-scenic vistas
-shorelines, streams, rivers, lakes
-prairies and meadows
-parks and recreational areas
-historic and archaeological sites
-wildlife areas
-and more...any land that is currently undeveloped.

Land trusts work cooperatively with government agencies and private landowners to accomplish these land preservation goals.

Donations made to land trusts are tax deductible in accordance with state and federal laws.

If you are interested in any of the land preservation tools offered by the 
Dodge County Land Trust 
you can contact the DCLT at:  

or write to:

P.O. Box 374
Watertown, WI  53094

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